Atlas' first taste of pizza...

  • By NomadiDaddy
  • 16 Jun, 2017

Father’s Day Pizza Making Party #AD

Atlas with Mummy and Daddy at Pizza Express

To celebrate Fathers Day, I recently had the pleasure of attending a “Father and Child” pizza making party courtesy of Pizza Express . The event, which took place and their beautifully decorated, new restaurant on Gloucester Road in London, gave fathers the opportunity to spend time with their children and partners in a relaxed and fun setting.

Pizza Express - Fresh Dough

Atlas was the youngest child in attendance at only 5 months old, however he wasn't going to let that stop him getting involved and after being shown how to spin a pizza base by the professional chefs, we got to give it a try. Atlas seemed to ignore all of the advice we received and instead decided to flatten the dough in his very own style, by using his feet and adding some extra drool from his  teething gums . He absolutely loved the messy play and it was so much fun to watch him getting the flour stuck between his toes.

Atlas demonstrating his signature foot kneading technique
Chef Atlas

Once everyone was happy that we had something resembling a pizza base we began the process of adding our toppings. We have only recently started weaning Atlas  and up until now he has predominantly only eaten puréed food and experimented with using vegetables as cutlery.

To make sure we were happy to give him pizza, we were very careful about what toppings we used and prior to the event we had let him to try some tomatoes and cheese. Thankfully, as he only needed a taste, mummy an I got to use the rest of the base to create our own perfect portions – I added pepperoni, mushrooms, back olives and mozzarella and Holly opted for a more simple ham and pepperoni option, with extra hot peppers, and the results were delicious... or so we thought...

This was Atlas' first taste of pizza and to be honest, he didn't seem impressed. To be fair, it is a little different than his current favourite of sweet potato and courgette purée and we were pretty happy that we got to eat the leftovers. Not that we were hungry, as our Handmade (well, foot actually) pizza was accompanied by Pizza Express' famous dough ball's, an assortment of dips and a selection of refreshing drinks - Daddy had a beer and mummy enjoyed some zingy Sicilian still lemonade. 

Atlas' First Taste of Pizza

The event continued a little beyond Atlas' usual bed time, however as he was having so much fun he didn't seem to mind and he was even presented with the chef's choice award for “best pizza”.

Finally all of the excitement got to Atlas and after a quick stop off in the well equipped (and daddy accessible) baby change, he finally fell asleep, so we skipped desert and headed home, feeling very content after such a fun evening.

Atlas' Award Winning Pizza

If you want to treat a special daddy in your life, I would highly recommend the “pizza party experience” alternatively, you can keep things simple and just enjoy a relaxing meal. Pizza Express are offering an exclusive Father's Day set menu, which includes any starter and a main from just £11.95 available all fathers day weekend.

You can find out more about this offer and make a booking here:

We have included some of our best bits in our “ First Father's Day ” Vlog... Why not subscribe to follow our adventures on our  YouTube Channel


By NomadiDaddy 16 Jun, 2017

To celebrate Fathers Day, I recently had the pleasure of attending a “Father and Child” pizza making party courtesy of Pizza Express . The event, which took place and their beautifully decorated, new restaurant on Gloucester Road in London, gave fathers the opportunity to spend time with their children and partners in a relaxed and fun setting.

By NomadiDaddy 05 Jul, 2016
This week we had no appointments, so I escaped to the Peak district for a couple of days, before heading to North Wales to meet a client who is training for a mountain marathon. Meanwhile, Holly stayed at home with bump.

Thankfully, Holly's sister is on holiday at the moment so we are dog sitting their lovely Jack Russel "Missy"for a couple of weeks. This means Holly has some company in my absence, however one problem with introducing a dog (even a very small one) into a shed, is dogs tend to smell like dogs.

So before I leave to head North, Holly, Bump, and I have a park picnic with Missy and then swing by the shop to buy some dog shampoo and give her a nice bath. We don't think Missy enjoyed it too much, but she didn't seem too bothered either and we got to practice our bath-time routine.


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By NomadiDaddy 27 Jun, 2016
This week has been brilliant. We celebrated Fathers (to be) Day on Sunday, which meant I got a bacon sandwich and coffee in bed (Which was thoughtful, as I know holly is sensitive to greasy smells). However this is the only thing I am getting in bed at the moment... We had some light bleeding (spotting) after intercourse early in the pregnancy, and even though we are reassured this is normal, we decided not to risk it for a little while. I see this as another opportunity to "Practice" for when the baby arrives, as I'm sure there will be very little time for anything then.

Holly's sickness has continued over the last week or so, but seems easier to manage. I have emptied the sick bucket only twice this week and not had to clean the sink once. Yey! Instead Holly seems to be able to gauge it better and has made it to the bathroom on most occasions.
Dad's it is important to help your partner if they are being sick . So if you ever know they are, I recommend bringing a pint of water, some tissue and a hair bobble (its hard to hold hair back and rub backs & bumps at the same time).

Our bump is definitely here, its still pretty small, but I love it and so does Holly. It's surprising how much we both keep touching her belly without realising we are, this has even been noticed in a couple of photographs, so once we had our scan we made the decision to "go public" and announced it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. We got so much love from friends and family all over the world, as well as some great advice, which is reassuring. Thank you.

One thing that isn't quite so small, well, rather two things actually, is Holly's boobies. We bought a couple of bigger bra's after 8 weeks so Holly could be more comfortable and she has already grown out of them, so after our 12 week scan we popped to Mothercare and celebrated by buying 2 more in an even bigger size. We have yet to buy any other baby item's, but I do intend to review a buggy next week after road testing it.

When you first confirm that you are pregnant, the doctor will arrange 2 things, a "booking appointment" and a "12 week scan".

At the booking appointment you are given a"Maternity Record" folder, they take your height, weight and blood pressure and give you an opportunity to discuss "What Next?". 
A few days later  you will likely have your first NHS ultrasound (12 week scan), as well as some blood tests to check for any abnormalities (you receive results in the post a week later). Dad's whatever you do, don't miss this opportunity to meet your child for the first time (and support your partner). It is without doubt one of life's great moments and definitely the best 15 minutes I have had since conception.

True to genetics, our  baby was keen to show off it's best moves - I am unsure if these were technical climbing sequences, yoga flow or a contemporary dance piece, but either way , I was mesmerised. You are not allowed to film inside the room, but I hope I never forget the memory of my baby doing pirouettes, rock-overs and downwards dogs. It must be hard work growing so fast, so after giving us a great show (and making the sonographers job awkward) we got a picture and left our baby looking like it was snoozing comfortably.

At the moment, every week seems better than the last and I can barely sleep with excitement, perhaps this is just another way to help me "practice" before the baby arrives. But should I be this tired already?


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By NomadiDaddy 07 Jun, 2016

and need LOADS of wee's, b

ut it will be worth it.

Plus it's like training for dads - If you can clean regurgitated sweet potato chips out of the sink, is a dirty nappy really that bad?
Either way, I can't wait to have a baby - I know it's going to be hard work, but I have a great wife (mummy) to help me.

Plus, I've been looking after my nieces and nephews for years, and I know "borrowing" a child for the day is apparently much easier...

"you can just give them back when you've had enough"         ... but to be honest, I never want to!

Once Dad's realise that going off-road with a pushchair is the equivalent to playing with a giant toy car, they won't want to give them back either.

P.S. You're kidding yourself if you don't think you'll make those revving, wheel screeching, car noises in your head.

But don't worry because now you're a dad, so it's all cool!


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By NomadiDaddy 07 Jun, 2016
So, what's the first thing you should do when you find out you're pregnant?
Well after giving your wife a fist-bump (and a massive hug), the next step is to go to Youtube... Obviously.

There is a wealth of information online and I'm sure if I looked harder I might find some "Dad to Dad info", some "Dadvice", or even some
"DIY (Dad It Yourself) Tips" , but on first glance I couldn't see what I wanted... Another Dad telling me what I have really gotten myself into.

I did however, find plenty of talented mummy's "sharing useful tips" and "reviewing baby products" while juggling tiny teething
toddlers (Great Effort btw!). But where are all the men discussing "not eating basil","U-Shaped pillows" and "cloth nappies"?

Well I aim to change all of that, so if you have a question or want me to review something give me a shout.
Alternatively, check out some of my videos as me and my wife "learn on the job".

Wish us luck.


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